Weight Management

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, being in control of our body is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. If you're not sure if you are overweight then use this simple formula to determine your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Once calculated, see where your score fits in the table below:

Weight Loss
There is one very simple formula to weight loss - eat fewer calories than you expend. Most of us have dieted at some point in our lives and quite a few more of us seem to permanently be on a diet. Here's where I come in.
First of all, there is no diet. I will set you on a healthy eating plan and will help you to establish good eating habits that will remain with you for life. By making good choices and with a little self-control, never-ending diets and sacrifices will be a thing of the past.
For your first week you will be required to keep a food diary. This is one of the best tools for identifying and/or acknowledging any habits or relationships you have with food. It's important to be completely honest with yourself as we can then see where the problem areas are and get you on the right track.
There will likely be hiccups on the way but it's important not to beat yourself up about it. To be successful long term, your new habits need to be realistic, reasonable and maintainable, so you can have the occasional treat, you can fall off the wagon and it's not a disaster - as long as you set yourself straight and get back on track as soon as possible.
Couple your new healthy eating habits with the exercise programme and you're well on your way to the new you!

For a useful list of weight loss tricks, see the top 10 weight loss tips page

Weight Gain
Protein shakes are all the rage at the moment but how many of us know how to use them properly? Eating for weight gain is all about eating the right foods at the right time. I can help you manage your food intake and programme your exercise plan to ensure muscle growth without piling on pounds of fat.

So you've got to where you want your weight to be, now how do you keep it there? By calculating your body's energy requirements I can recommend what foods and how much to eat in order to maintain your current weight as well as ensure you are getting a well-balanced range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Top 10 weight loss tips

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