New to exercise or returning from injury

Lady exercising with dumbbellsWhen someone says "Personal Trainer" a lot of people automatically think of a military-style, muscular person yelling at some poor victim doing press-ups on the floor. Let me assure you that this is not necessarily the case!

The gym can be an intimidating place without fearing the one person you are entrusting your fitness goals to. Whether you're taking your first steps into exercise or whether you're returning from a serious injury or prolonged period of inactivity then I can most certainly help you.

All programmes are tailored to the individual's circumstances and goals as well as to the client's likes. Exercise must be fun because if it's not, we would be miserable having to do it every day and would soon give up.

So if you're a new-starter or if you want to get back into it slowly then let me know and we can work out the ideal programme to suit you.

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